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The Fresh Diet

SBA 100

The Fresh Diet

The Fresh Diet

The Fresh Diet kitchen in Miami, Florida.

Company Name:
The Fresh Diet
North Miami, FL

When Zalmi Duchman started The Fresh Diet in 2005, the company was financed on credit cards, Zalmi’s wife was doing the cooking from their home, and Zalmi was delivering the food after work. 

After Yosef Schwartz, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, moved to Florida to become his partner, the company quickly outgrew Zalmi’s kitchen. By 2007, they had grown from 13 to 100 clients, with revenues of more than $1 million and 7 employees. 

The Fresh Diet delivers three freshly prepared meals and two snacks directly to customer’s doors each day. The menu supports healthy weight loss through calorie control and proper nutritional balance. 

In mid-2007, Zalmi decided to buy a similar company with small operations in Florida, New York and Chicago. Zalmi mortgaged his condo for the $200,000 down payment and obtained an SBA backed loan for $900,000 to purchase the company. By 2008 revenues reached $5 million.

In 2009, Zalmi used a second SBA backed loan for $225,000 to acquire a second company and take over all their own cooking operations. The Fresh Diet is projecting revenues of $30 million for 2011 and currently employs over 200 people nationwide and over 100 drivers. 

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