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Human Potential Consultants, LLC

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Human Potential Consultants, LLC

Human Potential Consultants, LLC

Joyce Keener (left) and Dr. Garnett Newcombe established Human Potential Consultants in Carson, California out of a desire to help individuals obtain long-term employment.

Company Name:
Human Potential Consultants, LLC
Carson, CA

In 1997, Garnett Newcombe and Joyce Keener established Human Potential Consultants, L.L.C. (HPC) out of a desire to help individuals obtain long-term employment. Keener, who had spent 27 years working for the State of Michigan’s Department of Rehabilitation, knew that people were falling through the bureaucratic cracks.

Keener had an idea that with more individualized attention and a customized approach, the statistics could be better. Today, with the help from the Small Business Administration, HPC employs more than 100 people, has 3 office locations and annually serves more than 2000 adults nationwide. HPC has delivered a wide range of contracted employment solutions for governmental agencies at the county, state and federal levels for over 14 years.

In 2004, Newcombe and Keener knew that in order to grow their business they needed additional working capital. The company received its first SBA-guaranty loan in August 2004 for $45,000. Then in September 2006, HPC obtained a second SBA loan in the amount of $100,000. Both loans have been paid in full and the company continues to grow and thrive. June 30, 2011 will mark HPC’s 15th year in business. 

Today, a thriving African American, woman-owned firm, HPC has established itself as an alternative employment solutions resource for governmental agencies.

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