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Interim Solutions for Government

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Interim Solutions for Government

Interim Solutions for Government

Gerald Williams started Interim Solutions for Government in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma after his retirement from the Federal Aviation Administration. Today, the company employs 190 individuals.

Company Name:
Interim Solutions for Government
Oklahoma City, OK

When Gerald Williams retired early from the Federal Aviation Administration, he couldn’t sit still for very long. After 4 years of working on his land out in the country and enjoying the grandkids, he decided to create a part-time job for himself running a home-based business to provide support services to the federal government. 

Today, his company, Interim Solutions for Government, has grown from 2 employees and $50,000 in revenues to 220 employees with more than $13 million in revenues. 

A  U.S. Army service-disabled veteran, Gerald worked for 20 years at FAA and retired at the age of 50 as the manager of the Operational Support Division at the FAA Academy. “I knew training backwards and forwards,” he said. “When I started my business I wasn’t looking for a big contract, just something small.” 

When Gerald received his first contract offer in 2002, he did not have the financing in place, nor the employee pool to begin the job. In 2004, ISG was awarded a contract with the FBI to provide investigative analysis and consulting services. Gerald hired a retired FBI agent to perform the work, and the company received financing through a $50,000 SBA-guaranteed contract line of credit. The money was used to finance the direct labor and material costs associated with performing the contract.

In 2007, ISG received three new contracts. The number of employees increased to near 100 and the company was approved for a second SBA-backed loan for $2 million. Later, ISG was awarded another contract to provide the FAA with air traffic control instructors which increased their employee level to around 190 employees. ISG currently employs people in Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Washington, DC, and subcontractors in Utah and Arizona.

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