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Marinello School of Beauty

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Marinello School of Beauty

Marinello School of Beauty

A class in action at the Marinello School of Beauty at its Burbank, California location.

Company Name:
Marinello School of Beauty
Whittier, CA

In 2004, brothers Rashed and Nagui Elyas founded B&H Education after researching the cosmetology industry. They saw a fragmented industry of modestly-capitalized cosmetology schools, and they identified an opportunity to establish a leading regional brand.

They looked at Marinello, a chain of cosmetology schools in California which offered training for hair care professionals. Marinello had a track record of placing more than 80 percent of its graduates.

The Elyas brothers partnered with Gemini Investors and Quad Partners, both SBICs, to buy the original 13 Marinello schools, acquire additional schools, upgrade the campuses and increase marketing. In six years, the schools have grown from 120 employees with 13 campuses and $7 million in revenues to 722 employees with 42 campuses and over $100 million in revenues.

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