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Minton’s Sportsplex

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Minton’s Sportsplex

Minton’s Sportsplex

In 1987, Mike Minton founded Mintons Sportsplex in a shopping center in Texarkana, Texas. The company has since grown into a 6-acre, 70,000-square-foot, sports, health and fitness complex.

Company Name:
Minton’s Sportsplex
Texarkana, TX

In 1987, Mike Minton founded Minton’s Sportsplex in a shopping center gym. The company has since grown it into a six-acre, 70,000-square-foot, sports, health and fitness complex.

The Sportsplex has 9,000 members, has created 200 jobs, and generates $750,000 in taxes annually. Minton’s Outdoor aquatic facility highlights a Caribbean themed water park style pool, lap pool, volleyball and basketball courts and a combo football/soccer field. Minton’s Sportsplex now includes sports leagues, food service, and a Spa and Hair Salon.

In the late 80’s, as tax-free competition from hospitals and Universities began to develop in Texarkana, Minton realized he would have to make significant changes to survive. “I was forced to think outside the box. As most industries went after the baby boom generation, I focused on families and children and retrofitted our business plan to meet their needs,” said Minton.

In 1993, Minton secured a SBA-guaranteed 7(a) loan for $360,000 to purchase land and an additional building. As a result of this loan, twenty-four jobs were created. In 2008, although the economy went South, Minton’s Sportsplex was able to continue prospering and paid off their SBA 7(a) loan in full.

Minton secured a second SBA-guaranteed loan for a $7 million dollar expansion. This loan enabled the company to purchase land and building materials. This expansion created 200 jobs and gave Texarkana the largest most comprehensive family-oriented health, fitness, and sports complex of its kind. Minton is projecting revenue of more than $3 million this year.

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