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Outdoor Venture

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Outdoor Venture

Outdoor Venture

Two employees conducting radio frequency welding, which has replaced most traditional sewing processes, at Outdoor Venture.

Company Name:
Outdoor Venture
Stearns, KY

JC Egnew co-founded Outdoor Venture in 1974 in Stearns, Kentucky. Stearns is located in McCreary County, one of the poorest counties in the United States. In a community with no manufacturing history, Egnew had to build a capable management team that was able to manufacture a new product, find and sell new customers and run the overall business activities.

Outdoor Venture Corporation manufactures and supplies a wide range of products, including tents, both commercial and military, sleeping bags, and hunting products. The company was also one of the first suppliers of automotive air bags in the United States. The company had two employees when it was created in 1974 and has grown to over 230 employees today. 

In 1976, the company received a direct loan of $140,000 from SBA to build a manufacturing facility. The loan was paid in full in 1996. The company is also HUBZone certified and has had success bidding and winning HUBZone set-aside contracts.

Through all his business endeavors, Egnew is responsible for the startup of 4 manufacturing facilities and the creation of more than 1000 jobs in this area. Since 1984, Outdoor Venture delivered more than $260 million worth of military tents on over 140 government contracts. They have received numerous awards for our innovative design changes resulting in thousands of dollars of savings to the United States military tent procurement program.

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