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Paramount Building Solutions, Inc.

SBA 100

Paramount Building Solutions, Inc.

Paramount Building Solutions, Inc.

CEO, Mike Tie accepts the award for Portfolio Company of the Year in 2009 with SBA Administrator Mills and SBA Associate Administrator for Investment, Sean Green.

Company Name:
Paramount Building Solutions, Inc.
Tempe, AZ

Paramount was founded in 2003 by Mike Tie and Phil Williams, who always considered themselves “just janitors”. After working for years with several larger janitorial services firms, Tie and Williams decided they could do better and embarked on their own.

Today, Paramount Building Solutions is one of the nation’s leading janitorial and floor care service companies, cleaning the stores of national retailers such as Safeway, Target and Albertsons. The company offers a variety of services including floor care, parking lot maintenance, window washing, light bulb replacement, pressure washing, equipment maintenance, and restroom sanitation among other services. Unlike other firms that rely on sub-contractors, Paramount uses only its own workers.

When Tie and Williams first launched the business, they initially sought financing from friends and family. In 2007, the company reached a point where further growth would require a substantial investment of new capital. LaSalle Capital Group and Marquette Capital, both SBICs, stepped in to meet Paramount’s capital needs. In 2008, the Company completed an acquisition that required follow-on funding and brought in another SBIC, Fidus Capital. Paramount began with just 5 contracts but is now earning about $90 million in revenue and has a 95% customer retention rate. During LaSalle’s ownership, the number of employees has grown from 582 to over 2,500.

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