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Phacil, Inc.

SBA 100

Phacil, Inc.

Phacil, Inc.

Phacil, Inc. President Sascha Mornell and CEO Rafael Collado.

Company Name:
Phacil, Inc.
Arlington, VA

While growing up in the South Bronx, Raf Collado dared to dream big. “I always wanted to become a scientist for NASA,” said Raf. Instead, he became a successful entrepreneur.

Raf founded, built and sold 3 companies, including Inabox. It was during this business venture that he met Sascha Mornell. In 2001, they joined forces to start Phacil, an award–winning registered government contractor that provides diversified services to both the civilian and defense markets, including Information Technology, Engineering and R&D, Facilities Management, Security and Intelligence, and Business Operations.

 “It took us 1½ to 2 years to lay the groundwork for Phacil,” said Raf. The big break for Raf and Sascha came in 2003, when Raf applied for certification under the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Contracting Program. 

 “You could say that SBA’s 8(a) Program was a turning point for Phacil and that the program certainly helped open up some doors for us,” said Raf. Government customers include the Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury, Environmental Protection Agency, General Services Administration, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Missile Defense Agency, and Defense Threat Reduction Agency –to name a few.

Today, the company has nearly 400 employees with over thirty contracts providing diversified services. Phacil now boasts offices or contracts in thirty-two locations, including fourteen states across the U.S.

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