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REDE, Inc.

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REDE, Inc.

REDE, Inc.

Edwina Franklin, an employee who worked on our Johnson Space Center Administrative Support Services Contract, was presented the prestigious Space Flight Awareness Award for her support of the Orion Project Office at Johnson Space Center. Edwina traveled to Kennedy Space Center, in May 2010 and with the other 275 honorees toured Kennedy Space Center, attended the awards ceremony and viewed the launch of STS-132 from the Saturn V Banana Creek viewing area.

Company Name:
REDE, Inc.
New Orleans, Louisiana

REDE, Inc is an African American-owned corporation that was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1998 by Dr. Hubert Glover and Dr. Roni Glover to provide administrative, management, general management, consulting, data processing, hosting and other information technology related services.

REDE, Inc. became 8(a) certified in December of 2002. In March of 2005, the company received a $26,200 contract award to perform administrative and clerical support services for NASA, and they have never looked back since. Because of their outstanding performance on that contract, they received another contract award in August of 2005, for $300,000 and again in November of 2005 from NASA for $3m to perform administrative and clerical support services.

In 1998 when the company began, REDE, Inc. had only two employees, Dr. Hubert Glover and Dr. Roni Glover. Today, with the support of SBA’s 8(a) business development program, REDE, Inc. employs 300 professional, administrative, clerical and IT support services staff. REDE, Inc. has average annual gross revenue of about $10 million.

REDE is NASA Kennedy Space Center’s Small Business Contractor for 2010. This award is a tangible example of how the SBA enabled a talented management team to win and perform outstanding work for one of the world’s most recognized and respected organizations. REDE has extensive experience supporting the nation’s two premier science agencies, the Department of Energy (DOE) and NASA. At NASA, which is REDE’s largest on-going contract ($57 million), the company provides 140 administrative support services personnel. Their performance at NASA’s Johnson Space Center merited them the 2007 Minority Contractor of the Year Award.

In support of their $14.7 million contract with the Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratory at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home of two of the three fastest computers in the world, REDE is delivering a full spectrum of IT services to DOE.

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