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Versatile Marketing Solutions

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Versatile Marketing Solutions

Versatile Marketing Solutions

CEO Jay Gotra conducting a meeting at VMS Alarms headquarters in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Company Name:
Versatile Marketing Solutions
Warwick, RI

Versatile Marketing Solutions, doing business as VMS Alarms, began operations in 2003 from CEO Jay Gotra’s apartment with a phone line and a business plan. Gotra, Brian Fabiano, VP; and Barry Crins, VP Sales, previously worked for a large home alarm company, learning every facet of the business. When that company split up, Versatile Marketing Solutions was formed.

From 2003-2006 VMS focused on sales and marketing, selling alarm systems through other alarm dealers in the Northeast. The company realized the weaknesses these alarm companies possessed, specifically in scheduling and customer service. To counter the weaknesses VMS added a technician of their own, with the proper training and support system. 

In June 2006, VMS received its first SBA-backed loan from Bank of America, which enabled the company to become VMS Alarms, a self-contained, full service alarm company with 10 technicians of their own, as well as a full customer service and scheduling department.

In 2007, VMS generated $1.8 million in revenue and employed 35 employees. The following year the company enjoyed tremendous growth with revenues jumping 260 percent to $4.8 million and the number of employees increasing to 65. The company opened external sale offices, joined Monitronics International and began to grow installation coverage outside of New England into 8 states.

In August 2009, VMS received a second SBA-guaranteed loan for $200,000 to purchase a 15,000 square foot office building where the company can properly maintain its senior sales and administrative support staff. VMS ended 2009 with $8.4 million in revenue and 70 employees.

The company has doubled the senior sales staff, adding 2 more states of installation coverage and more than 120 full time administrative, installation, and sales positions between August 2009 and August 2010. The company is forecasting $19 million in revenue for 2011.

According to CEO Jay Gotra, the SBA-backed loans opened the doors for VMS to establish a well-organized, efficient, and professional environment that took the firm from a small start-up to a corporation with grounded roots.

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