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SBA Supports 56 Federally Funded Cluster Initiatives

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SBA Cluster Data Accordion

Advanced composites/Low-Cost Carbon Fiber Technology

Advanced manufacturing/IT

Advanced power and energy (DoD focused)

Aerospace technology (DoD focused)

Agribusiness/Entertainment/Food Processing & Technology/Arts/Recreation & Visitor Industries (Rural Tourism)/Manufacturing (Advanced/Specialty)/Transportation Logistics

Automotive/ Furniture/ Agribusiness (derived from Mississippi’s rural Appalachian and Delta regions).

Autonomous systems/cyber security (DoD focused)

Biosciences/ Energy/ Green Technology/ Information

Energy/Flexible Electronics

Flexible electronics

Food Hubs (aggregation and processing)

Food-related Value Chain

Fuel cell and hydrogen fueling

Health Information Technology

Innovation Energy/Efficient Buildings

Music/ Craft/ Outdoor Recreation/ Natural Heritage/ Local Food/ Broadband

Nuclear/ Metal Fabrication/ Aeronautic/ Automotive

Space Shuttle Shutdown Transition  

Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources

Tech Agriculture Innovation