Statute and Regulations

Current Statutes and Regulations:

SBIC regulations provide the implementing rules to govern the SBIC program as authorized by the Small Business Investment Company Act of 1958, as amended. The following provides links to relevant code and regulations on the Government Printing Office’s (GPO) site.

15 USC Chapter 14B, (§681-688) - Small Business Investment Program (which codifies the Small Business Investment Act of 1958, as amended)

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13 CFR Part 107 - Small Business Investment Companies


13 CFR Part 121 - Small Business Size Regulations




SBIC Part 107 Rulemaking (2009-2012): 13 CFR Part 107 regulations already incorporate these final rules. Links to final rules as published in the Federal Register are provided to aid SBICs in understanding the reasons associated with those changes. Hyperlinks access

10/21/2014: Investments in Passive Businesses PDF | HTML

04/27/2012: Early Stage SBICs


04/19/2012: Energy Saving Qualified Investments

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04/04/2012: Conflicts of Interest and Investment of Idle Funds

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04/14/2009: Leverage Eligibility and Portfolio Diversification Requirements

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