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SBIC Resource Library

Find SBIC statute, regulations, forms, and other guidance on the SBIC program.
  • Statute and Regulations

    Current Statutes and Regulations: SBIC regulations provide the implementing rules to govern the SBIC program as authorized by the Small Business Investment Company Act of 1958, as amended. The...

  • Accounting & Valuation Standards

    Accounting and valuation are critical to investment funds. Information on SBIC accounting standards and valuation guidelines may be found here.

  • SBIC Policy & Procedure Guidance

    While regulations provide the rules which govern SBICs, SBA issues Standard Operating Procedures to describe how the SBIC program is administered and additional guidance to provide further...

  • Forms and Guides

    SBIC Forms by Topic Licensing / Program Development Private Capital SBA Leverage Commitment SBA Leverage Draws Financing Examinations View SBIC Forms by Number Licensing / Program Development...

  • Glossary

    This section contains selected terms from 13 CFR Part §107.50 . Please refer to §107.50 for a complete list of the terms defined in SBIC program regulations. • Affiliate • Associate • Capital...