SBA Guide to Public Information

Read about the various channels through which you can obtain information about SBA and its program.

Information about SBA and its programs can be obtained through a variety of channels. The Agency's Office of Public Communications produces and maintains management-assistance publications, videos and computer programs. Many of these items are also maintained in public and university libraries, chambers of commerce, consumer information centers or by calling or writing any SBA office. The SBA Answer Desk at 1-800-8ASKSBA is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. SBA office telephone numbers can also be found under U.S. Government listings in phone books throughout the nation.

SBA's homepage is You can learn about the mission and description of all SBA program offices; field office locations; Starting, Financing & Managing a Business, etc. by visiting the Online Reading Room, you can view further information such as Agency Annual Reports including the FOIA Annual Report; Congressional testimonies; and lists of 7(a) loans and Disaster loans.

Information about SBA is also available through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), by writing the FOI/Privacy Acts Office at 409 Third St., S.W., Washington, D. C. 20416 or any program or field office where the requested information would be located. An online FOIA request may also be made to or on the Online FOIA Request. The FOI/PA Office is available to answer questions concerning the availability or location of information on 202-401-8203.

SBA's FOI/PA Regulations at 13 CFR part 102 set forth specific procedures to follow when requesting information under either Act. Regulations are accessible through SBA's homepage or any public library, as well as through the above office address and phone number.