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Good afternoon, everyone. What a treat to be with all of you today here at MIT. EmTech is a really an extraordinary showcase of the people and products who are transforming the word through innovation.

Yes, I am aware that innovation isn’t a word that Americans typically associate with the federal government. But today, I’m going to challenge that association.   By the end of my talk, I hope you’ll see the nexus between your work and mine and have a better understanding of the ways Washington can help you take your business forward.

Thank you, Jason. Mahbuhay everyone! Thank you for joining me for this first-ever celebration. And what a celebration this is. I see the beautiful “Maria Clara” dresses. And the dashing “barongs.” And an amazing performance by the Filharmonic?

My friends, the White House has got Filipino Pride!

Remarks Prepared for SBA Deputy Administrator Douglas Kramer

Clusters Announcement at Eastern Ohio University

Thanks for that intro. Good afternoon everyone. It’s great to be at Ohio University.

Thanks to President McDavis for hosting us. I see the Bobcats are having a great season; I’d like to say more about that but my wife’s a Miami alum and didn’t appreciate what they did to the Red Hawks last weekend.

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