SBA's Directory of Federal Government Prime Contractors with a Subcontracting Plan

The data within the report is generated from data contained in the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG). The Federal Government Agency who awarded the contract is the owner of and has all rights to this data. SBA cannot provide you any information about the contract award or assist you with receiving subcontracts. SBA has no rights to make any changes to this data. If you have any questions or concerns about the data within the report, please contact the Federal Government Agency who awarded the contract.

Listing of Federal Government Prime Contractors with a Subcontracting Plan.

The directory is a listing of Federal government contractors that have a requirement to subcontract to small businesses. This listing is intended for small business concerns seeking to find subcontracting possibilities with Federal Government Prime Contractors.

Although, the OTSB has an obligation to subcontract to small business (SB) doesn’t mean they are seeking new subcontractors. They may already have teams of small business subcontractors. Therefore, this directory is not a guarantee that you will receive a subcontract.

Use this directory as a tool to identify which OTSB’s you should perhaps investigate and follow through with their recruiting processes to be an active participant in their pipeline for future contracts.

How do you recommend using this report:
SBA recommends that you use this data to locate the Prime's website through an internet search to assess their requirements to be a subcontractor. If the firm doesn’t have a website visible through your internet search, contact the firms for their website address. We do not recommend that you contact the firm to ask for subcontracting possibilities before viewing their website for information.

Contacting the firm without viewing their website and following the directions outlined to do business with the firm is not an effective marketing strategy. Remember the person you are contacting is not the person that makes the subcontract award decisions, but they can answer fundamental questions about the company’s subcontracting processes. We recommend contacting the firm via telephone if you need more assistance or cannot locate the company’s website. You may contact the firm using the contact number in the report and advise that you have viewed the website and you need additional information.

What data is provided in the directory:
The directory includes the name of the prime contractor; the product/service code (PSC); the contracted NAICS; name and telephone number of the company’s point of contact; contract number along with the contract’s effective date and completion date; ultimate contract value and obligated dollars.

How often is the directory posted:
SBA will add a new directory by November 30 of every year displaying contract awards from the Federal government’s previous fiscal year (September of the past thru October of the current year). The directory is removed after five (5) years

How is the directory displayed:
The directory is listed by the government’s fiscal year (September of the past thru October of the current year). It is further broken out by SBA’s Area Offices one through six. The data is separated into individual states within the SBA Area using the contract place of performance. If there isn’t a place of performance listed within the document the firm’s physical location state determined the state the contract is listed.

FY2016 Subcontracting Possibilities By SBA Area