Subcontracting Training Program

Improve your subcontracting knowledge by taking one of our courses

General Information

Training Description: Training courses provide step by step instructions on how to manage the training topic’s roles and responsibility. Participants will be able to ask questions & receive answers at the end of each session.

Training Facilitator: SBA’s Subcontracting Program Manager and/or Commercial Market Representative (CMR)

Training Material: Links to training material is within the training schedule table or will be provided during training.

Location: Training will take place online using the AT&T web & telephone conferencing software. The log on information for both the web and telephone is in the “Training Course” listing below.

Cost: Free

Registration Requirement: No registration is required to attend. You may log into the training event 10 minutes before the course begin.

How to connect to the web & telephone conference:

Web-conference: Click on the link in the training course table for the session you desire to attend.

Telephone Call In #: If you are unable to hear the conference through your computer, you may listen by telephone at 1-877-369-5243 or 1-617-668-3633 or Find an Alternate Number. The telephone access code for your desired course is located in the training course table.

Connection Assistance: If you need technical assistance, call the AT&T Help Desk at 1-888-796-6118 or 1-847-562-7015.