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Increase Revenue through Marketing Strategy, Branding, and E-Commerce

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Sep 09
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Increase Revenue through Marketing Strategy, Branding, and E-Commerce

MarketingSocial Media and Web Presence

September 9, 2020 | 6:00 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT

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SCORE Broward

George Gremse, Chapter Chair

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SCORE Business Mentor

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August 26: Build Revenue With An Effective Marketing Strategy: Trying to build a strong marketing strategy to improve your businesses overall perception and increase your bottom line? Learn the basics of marketing, key platforms to utilize, and tools to engage clients and grow sales. Learn advantages of different marketing outlets such as digital media, website, google marketing, traditional marketing, guerrilla marketing, and PR. Hear tips on how to utilize each platform effectively, how to capitalize on paid advertising and lead generation, and go through the steps for creating your marketing strategy. Learn: *Basics and tools of social media *Creating your brand *Build a basic user friendly website *Understanding Analytics *Effective Content Creation September 2: Transforming Your Business Through Branding : If you are trying to stand out from your competitors and want to build a name in your industry, a clear branding strategy is what you need in order to succeed. People no longer buy goods or services, they buy stories and feelings. Hear about different tools and techniques that will help you to build your brand! Learn: *How to start with branding *Brand elements and associations *Brand building truths *Building brand and brand equity *Benchmark September 9: Creating Your E-Commerce Platform: Looking to move your sales online and create a shopping store? Learn the basics of e-commerce platforms, what tools can be used to build an online shopping store, what essential information must be on your store, and how to set your store up for success. We will discuss the advantages of a number of different e-commerce platforms, such as, Shopify, Magento, Square, Wix, Amazon, etc; and how to utilize your platform effectively, how to capitalize on a strong shopping store, how to create enticing product descriptions and how to gain reviews to increase your product sales. Learn: *Linking analytics *Optimize your site to increase sales *Generate product reviews to drive sales Costs: free