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Procurement Center Representatives

SBA employs Procurement Center Representatives (PCRs) to assist small businesses in obtaining federal contracts.

How they Help Small Businesses

PCRs are located at various SBA area offices and major federal buying centers around the country. Among other activities, they increase the small business share of federal procurement awards by:

  • Initiating small business set-asides,

  • Reserving procurements for competition among small business firms,

  • Providing small business sources to Federal buying activities, and

  • Counseling small firms.

In addition, PCRs advocate for the breakout of items for full and open competition to affect savings to the federal government.

What you Need to Know as the Contracting Officer

PCRs can have a lot of involvement in a contract or subcontract. PCRs do the following:

  • Coordinate during contracting activities and review procurements,

  • Recommend requirements be set aside for Small Business, 8A, HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, or Women-Owned Small Business concerns

  • Initiate appeals (Form 70s) of contracting officers' decisions

PCRs have the facts and will provide training, outreach, and research.

PCRs also review proposed small business subcontracting plans and may recommend to the contracting officer various small business goals and various subcontracting options.

To find the PCR in your area click here.


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