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Starting a Business


Find Business Licenses & Permits

In order to operate your business, you must comply with a wide range of local, state and federal rules. SBA’s Business Licenses and Permits tool can help you navigate through this process..

Find Licenses and Permits for your Business

Enter your zip code in the box below and select your business type to see which  licenses and permits apply to your small business along with links to web pages, application forms and instructions.

Enter City/State OR Zip Code:


If your type of business is not listed, select "General Licensing" and follow the links to your state and local licensing agencies to find licensing requirements for your specific businesses.

More Information about Business Licenses and Permits

  • Federal Licenses and Permits – For more detailed information on specific federal licenses that your business may need, refer to the Obtaining Business Licenses & Permits guide.
  • State Licenses and Permits – For state specific licensing and permit information, select your state from the list below:

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