SBA-authorized surety agents

SBA-authorized surety agents can advertise their relationship with SBA using the resources below. Review the guidance to ensure compliance with regulations.


General terms

  • The SBA surety agent web icon may only be used to inform the public of the agent’s active participation in SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee (SBG) program. It may not be used for any promotional/advertising materials, be combined with other product offering, packaging, manuals, documentation, or web pages other than as described here and must be removed from all web pages upon withdrawal from participation in the program.
  • There is one SBA surety agent web icon provided for use by active SBA-authorized bond agents and approved partner-affiliated entities. Active authorized bond agents are those agents in good standing with SBA, who submit at least one electronic bond guarantee application through the Prior Approval program each federal fiscal year that is approved by SBA. Affiliated entities are those agents who are approved to represent the program as an affiliated bond agent of a Preferred Surety Bond company and may only use the SBA bond agent web icon at the discretion of SBA. Those who are under a correction action plan are automatically disqualified from using an SBA bond agent web icon until the agent satisfactorily meets all conditions set by SBA for resumption of program activity.
  • The SBA surety agent web icon is only available as provided by the SBA in electronic format. The electronic versions of the SBA’s web icons may only be used on the agent’s website in the manner outlined in SBA’s SOP 50 45 and SOP 50 49 and these guidelines.
  • The SBA web icon should be placed in a location and manner that does not promote or appear to promote the agent’s non-SBA products or services.
  • The SBA web icon must be accompanied by the following public statement: “Approved to offer SBA guaranteed bonds through the SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program.”
  • The SBA web icon may only be used as a hyperlink if it links back to or an internal agent-created web page which only provides information about SBA’s products and services.
  • Bond agents must not create their own versions of the SBA web icon and may not edit or otherwise change the appearance of the icon other than to proportionally resize.
  • The SBA agent icon may be placed at the bottom of the agent’s web page provided:
    • It is not the most prominent element on the web page
    • It is no larger or smaller than the other icons on the web page and is not placed in such a manner as to convey SBA’s endorsement of a non-SBA product, service or entity
    • Aside from proportional resizing of the image, its appearance has not been altered or modified in any way, including being combined with other elements, graphics, logos, icons, photos, slogans, numbers, design features, words or symbols
    • It is not displayed on its side or inverted
    • Its text reads from left to right
    • Its colors and proportions are not altered
    • No part of the web icon has been changed or resized relative to the rest of the web icon
    • There exists a minimum spacing of 25 pixels between each side of the web icon and other textural or graphic elements on the web page
    • The SBA surety agent web icon is not displayed on any website other than that of active Prior Approval bond agents and approved partner-affiliated entities.

Agency permission, review, and oversight

  • Bond agents must seek written permission from the SBA’s Office of Capital Access for any use of the SBA web icons not outlined in SOP 50 45 and 50 49 or these guidelines.
  • Use of the SBA web icon is prohibited in any manner that is in the SBA’s sole discretion, misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene or otherwise objectionable to the SBA.
  • Bond agents’ use of the SBA web icon will be reviewed periodically for compliance with all guidelines.
  • Upon request by the SBA a bond agent will promptly remove all SBA web icons from its website. The SBA at its sole discretion may also request prompt correction for any misuse as determined or directed by the SBA to be non-compliant with SOP 50 45 and 50 49 and these guidelines.

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Last updated May 2, 2024