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Color palette

SBA’s color palette is designed to embody the spirit of American entrepreneurship. Its highly saturated hues feel simultaneously bold and welcoming, modern and familiar.

Primary colors

Using red, white, blue, and grey as the anchor colors, the color palette gives SBA’s brand a patriotic feel and subtly signals SBA’s position as a federal agency. Additionally, blue is traditionally used in business communications to convey trust, confidence, and credibility, and thus will resonate with small business owners. Red is an energy color and captures the passion and enthusiasm that characterizes many entrepreneurs. White allows the eye to rest, and grey lends a modern feel while providing a neutral backdrop for imagery and graphic elements.


SBA Blue

Hex #002e6d
RGB 0, 46, 109
PMS 280


Hex #cc0000
RGB 204, 0, 0
PMS 1805

SBA Gray

Hex #969696
RGB 150, 150, 150

SBA White

Hex #ffffff
RGB 255, 255, 255

Secondary colors

These accent colors add style and sophistication to the primary colors in the palette and also subtly suggest the diverse, vibrant nature of the American small business community. These colors are used to complement the primary colors and make specific design elements such as calls-to-action and buttons “pop.”

Hex #007dbc
RGB 0, 125, 188
Hex #1b1e29
RGB 28, 31, 42
Hex #197e4e
RGB 25, 126, 78
Hex #f1c400
RGB 241, 196, 0