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OHA decisions

Search for an OHA decision with similar factual or legal questions to those in your appeal, or search for decisions involving a specific company.

The Office of Hearings and Appeals publishes unredacted final decisions within a few days of issuance. This policy is consistent with the Open Government Act, which promotes transparency, the presumption of openness, and proactive disclosures.

A party may request the public decision be redacted by contacting OHA promptly once an appeal is filed and requesting a protective order.. For information on protective orders and OHA’s treatment of confidential information, see 13 C.F.R. § 134.205.

Search the decisions database using keywords, decision date, decision number, and/or the name of the party involved.

Search by Appeal Number

Example: 5248

Search by Appellant Name

Example: ACME "Secure Network Systems"

Plain text search

Example: ostensible subcontractor

Boolean search with field limits

Example: 134.202(d)      non-manufacture      "ostensible subcontractor"
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