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CDC/504 loan program

If your organization is designated by SBA as a CDC authorized to issue 504 loans, use this page to access SBA forms, get program updates, and more.

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Program details

  • Operate as a CDC

    SBA has streamlined the lending process for CDCs. Review the major activities you regularly perform in the CDC/504 program and the SBA tools you use.
  • Secondary market

    There’s an active secondary market for CDC debentures that are backed by SBA. As a CDC, you can sell these guaranteed debentures to investors.
  • Rural Initiative pilot program

    This loan pilot program waives some small business regulations in order to expand capital access to certain rural areas.
  • List of lenders

    A list of Certified Development Companies (CDCs) certified and regulated by SBA.

Loan servicing and processing centers

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SBA lenders finance small businesses

Lenders that work with SBA provide financial assistance to small businesses through government-backed loans.