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SBA Newsroom

Press releases provide up-to-date information on SBA programs, services, and financial assistance.

Headquarters media contacts

SBA Press Office

Name Program area Phone number Email address
Han Nguyen Deputy Associate Administrator
Matthew Sonneborn Speechwriter
Christine Saah Nazer Director, Press Office
Cecelia Taylor Team Lead/Deputy Press Director 202‑401‑3059
Chuck Abell

All programs under the Office of Entrepreneurial Development, including: Office of Small Business Development Centers (SBDC’s), SCORE, Office of Entrepreneurship Education and Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives; Office of Native American Affairs; the Office of the National Ombudsman and the Office of Veteran's Business Development.
Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO);
Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Office of Internal Controls.

Tiffani S. Clements All government contracting programs under the Office of Government Contracting and Business Development, including: Office of Government Contracting, 8(a) Business Development, Size Standards, HUBZone Empowerment Contracting, PRO-Net, SUB-Net and TECH-Net, and Procurement Conference Awards; Office of Investments and Innovation (OII) to include Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC). 202‑401‑0035
Janie Dymond National Small Business Week, SBA News Clips, and SBA Success Stories. 202‑205‑6746
Laura Castro Lindarte Program areas: The Office of Disaster Assistance and programs under the Office of Entrepreneurial Development, including: Office of Women’s Business Ownership and Community Navigators. 202-205-6987

 Other Headquarters media contacts

Name Program area Phone number Email address
Stephanie Fekete Office of Advocacy, Small Business Statistics, Research and Reports, and Regulatory Actions 202-205-6888
Oreoluwa (Ore) Fashola Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Office 202‑401‑8203

Regional and local media contacts

Regional Communications Director

Elizabeth Moisuk
Boston Regional Office
Phone: 617-565-8416

Public Information Officers


Moraima Gutierrez
Connecticut District Office
Phone: 860-240-4654


Keith Lind
Maine District Office
Phone: 207-622-8551


Norman Eng
Massachusetts District Office
Phone: 617-565-8510

New Hampshire

Cheryl A Croto
New Hampshire District Office
Phone: 603-225-1407

Rhode Island

Ryan Brissette
Rhode Island District Office
Phone: 401-528-4561


Danny Monahan
Vermont District Office
Phone: 802-828-4422 Ext. 215

Regional Communications Director

Matthew Benedetti
New York Regional Office
Phone: 347-843-9392

Public Information Officers

New Jersey

Kelly LoTempio (acting)
New Jersey District Office
Phone: 716-551-3249

New York

Victoria Reynolds
Buffalo District Office
Phone: 716-551-5668

Katrina Ballard 
Upstate New York District Office
Phone: 202-941-8091

Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands

Kelly LoTempio (acting)
Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands District Office
Phone: 716-551-3249

Regional Communications Director

Christopher Hatch
Philadelphia Regional Office
Phone: 610-382-3088

Public Information Officers


Jennifer Pilcher
Delaware District Office
Phone: 302-573-6294 Ext. 222


Rachel Howard
Baltimore District Office
Phone: 410-244-3337


Sonia Smith
Eastern Pennsylvania District Office
Phone: 610-382-3085

Janet Heyl
Pittsburgh District Office
Phone: 412-395-6560 Ext. 103


Martin Short Jr.
Richmond District Office
Phone: 804-253-8270
Cell: 803-626-2143

Washington, D.C.

Jack Spirakes MPA
Washington Metropolitan Area District Office
Phone: 202-205-0536

West Virginia

Nikki Bowmar
West Virginia District Office
Phone: 304-623-7445

Regional Communications Director

Savannah Wilburn
Atlanta Regional Office
Phone: 404-655-4527

Public Information Officers


Jawanda H. Jones
Alabama District Office
Phone: 202-290-7643


Ms. Nayana Sen
North Florida District Office
Phone: 904-443-1933


Erin Tindell
Georgia District Office
Phone: 404-689-6183


Michael Ashcraft
Kentucky District Office
Phone: 502-582-5971 Ext. 225


Bridget Johnson-Fells
Mississippi District Office
Gulfport Branch Office
Phone: 228-863-4449 Ext. 225

North Carolina

Gregory Grevelding
North Carolina District Office
Phone: 704-344-6588

South Carolina

Savannah Wilburn
Columbia District Office
Phone: 803-253-3121


C. Shawn McKeehan
Tenessee District Office
Phone: 615-736-2499

Regional Communications Director

Shirah Apple (A)
Indiana District Office
Phone: 317-226-7254

Public Information Officers


Darrah Perryman
Illinois District Office
Phone: 312-353-7076


Laura Schafsnitz
Indiana District Office
Phone: 317-226-7254


Cathy Gase
Michigan District Office
Phone: 313-324-3609


Sarah Swenty
Minnesota District Office
Phone: 612-370-2316


Patricia Welsh
Columbus District Office
Phone: 216-522-4172


Shirah Apple
Wisconsin District Office
Phone: 414-297-1096

Regional Communications Director

Abby Gonzalez 
Houston District Office 
Phone: 713-773-6525

Public Information Officers


Jessica Roles 
Arkansas District Office 
Phone: 501-404-5136


Marjorae Ball 
Louisiana District Office 
Phone: 504-589-2037

New Mexico

Michelle Duran 
New Mexico District Office


Larry Weatherford 
Oklahoma District Office 
Phone: 405-609-8012


Ahmad Goree 
Dallas/Fort Worth District Office 
Phone: 817-684-5500

Lee Anne Vega 
El Paso District Office 
Phone: 915-834-4601

Abby Gonzalez 
Houston District Office 
Phone: 713-773-6525 
Mobile: 832-588-7208

Angela Burton 
Lower Rio Grande Valley District Office 
Phone: 956-427-8533 Ext. 231

Kim Voss 
Lubbock District Office 
Phone: 806-472-7466

Annie Hudspeth 
San Antonio District Office 
Phone: 210-403-5918

Regional Communications Director

Luis A. Santos
Kansas City Regional Office
Phone: 817-527-8836

Public Information Officers


Thomas "Dave" Lentell
Des Moines District Office 
Phone: 515-284-4522


Ram Basnet
Kansas City District Office
Phone: 816-426-4908

Trish Freeland
St. Louis District Office
Phone: 314-539-6606


Elizabeth Yearwood
Nebraska District Office
Phone: 402-221-7200

Regional Communications Director

Christopher Chavez 
Denver Regional Office
Phone: 303-844-0508

Public Information Officers


Stephen Collier
Colorado District Office
Phone: 303-844-3607


Christopher Chavez
Regional Communications Director
Montana District Office
Phone: 303-844-05082

North Dakota

Sheri Weston
North Dakota District Office
Phone: 701-239-5044

South Dakota

Kayla Rogeberg
South Dakota District Office
Phone: 605-330-4243 Ext 13


Siobhan Carlile
Utah District Office
Phone: 385-414-8563


Jordan Belser
Wyoming District Office
Phone: 307-441-1192

Regional Communications Director

Miryam Mora Barajas
Los Angeles Regional Office
Phone: 916-735-1703

Public Information Officers


Jordan Ripley
Arizona District Office
Phone: 505-234-2890


Victor M. Bribiesca
Fresno District Office
Phone: 559-487-5791 Ext. 2713

Julia Giarmoleo
Los Angeles District Office
Phone: 818-254-6920

Sheree Coates
County/Inland Empire District Office
Phone: 714-560-7466

Irena Kim
County/Inland Empire District Office
Phone: 714-560-7467

Carrie Ellinwood
Sacramento District Office
Phone: 916-735-1722

Cynthia Harris
San Diego District Office
Phone: 619-727-4884
Mobile: 202-805-9847

Sandra Cancinos
San Diego District Office
Phone: 619-727-4868
Mobile: 808-321-1985

Marlow Schindler
San Francisco District Office
Phone: 415-744-6771


Valerie Kubota
Hawaii District Office (not Honolulu)
Phone: 808-460-8968
Mobile: 202-941-8501


Barry Van Orden
Nevada District Office
Phone: 702-388-6674

Regional Communications Director

Silvia Klatman
Seattle Regional Office

Public Information Officers


Norma Lucero
Alaska District Office
Phone: 907-271-4841


Thea Jordan
Boise District Office
Phone: 208-334-9637


Sean Wilson
Portland District Office
Phone: 503-326-7251


Neil Subhash
Seattle District Office
Phone: 206-553-7355

Press release archive 2002 to 2009