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Eliminating Fraud, Waste & Abuse

To eliminate fraud, waste and abuse, SBA has a three-prong approach to maintaining the integrity of our programs.

Supervision & Enforcement Actions

From the General Counsel

Since her arrival, Administrator Karen Mills has been focused on risk and the elimination of fraud, waste and abuse. Under her leadership the Agency has instituted a three-prong approach to maintaining the integrity of our programs:

  1. Providing greater focus on preventing fraud or abuse before it happens;
  2. Continual monitoring of loans in the SBA portfolio; and
  3. Strengthening our enforcement function by punishing bad actors.

This approach has been extremely successful in our efforts to root out fraud, waste and abuse in government contracting and we are achieving similar results in lender oversight. For example, in the past three fiscal years, we've declined to renew delegated lending authority over 300 times for SBA lenders, where these entities did not meet SBA loan standards. We've also suspended or debarred over 65 loan officers, loan brokers, packagers, and applicants in the 7(a) program.

We also initiated a new "Lender Supervision and Enforcement Task Force" with the aim of originating enhanced supervision and enforcement actions.

To highlight these advancements and in furtherance of the Administration's focus on transparency, we have developed this new page. It logs the number of contracting and lending actions, as well as lists parties alphabetically, for searching ease. We will be updating the page regularly to reflect our continued focus on robust agency enforcement.

Sara D. Lipscomb, General Counsel

SBA Suspension and Debarment Officials

Suspension and Debarment Official for Procurement and Grant Programs
John W. Klein
Associate General Counsel for Procurement Law

Suspension and Debarment Official for Lending and Financial Programs
Brent Ciurlino
Director, Credit Risk Management

Enforcement Actions of Note

Contracting: Suspensions and Debarments by Year

Fiscal Year Suspensions Proposed Debarments Debarments Total
2009 2 5 2 9
2010 6 7 0 13
2011 17 8 7 32
2012 8 14 6 28
2013 5 13 0 18
Total 38 47 15 100

Lending: Suspensions and Debarments by Year

Fiscal Year Applicants Agent Loan Officers Total
2009 27     27
2010 17     17
2011 12   1 13
2012 7 7   14
2013 9 8   17
2014 3 2   5
Total 75 17 1 93

To report fraud waste and abuse, visit the Office of Inspector General Hotline