SBA Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2018 – 2022

Every four years, SBA releases a strategy document for the current and upcoming years. As SBA embarks on its 65th year, it renews its commitment to providing relevant products and services to America’s small businesses. This Strategic Plan provides a framework that outlines SBA’s key goals and objectives to ensure that our programs are managed effectively and efficiently. In this plan, the Agency sets four core strategic goals for the next 5 years:

1. Support small business revenue and job growth;

2. Build healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems and create business friendly environments;

3. Restore small businesses and communities after disasters; and

4. Strengthen SBA’s ability to serve small businesses.

To read the entire document for this FY 2018-2022 period, click the attachment at the bottom of this page.


For more information, contact Luan Loerch-Wilson, Lead Performance Analyst, Small Business Administration at

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