Keep Yourself Sharp with Small Business Summer School

School may be out for summer, but learning is always in — especially when you’re a business owner. In an ever-evolving marketplace, continuous learning helps you keep up with current trends and hone your skills, ultimately improving your credibility as an entrepreneur and increasing your chances of sustained success. To that end, SBA is excited to announce that small business summer school is officially in session! All summer long, the SBA hosts workshops, webinars, and other events centered around a wide variety of topics — from marketing and financing to government contracting. There is also the SBA Learning Platform, an online forum with programs designed to train and guide business owners as they navigate the various challenges that they’ll surely face. Explore one of the SBA Learning Platform’s many resources today.

  • Learning Center: Running a business is a time-consuming responsibility. Fortunately, the SBA Learning Center features pre-recorded, on-demand lessons that business owners can access on their own terms. The Learning Center’s courses are designed to cover the main stages of business ownership, with objectives that help users master the material. Learn how to plan, launch, manage, grow, and more at the click of a mouse or a touch of the screen.
  • Ascent: Women entrepreneurs can elevate their businesses to new heights with Ascent. A free digital learning platform, Ascent was created by experts in women’s entrepreneurship. There are 12 topics (referred to as Journeys) to explore, and within each journey are several exercises called excursions. Infographics, videos, fireside chats, and more await those who decide to embark.
  • Boots to Business (B2B): Small business ownership is a natural transition for many individuals with military experience. They just need the right tools to achieve entrepreneurial success. That is what B2B offers to veterans, active-duty and transitioning service members, military spouses and National Guard and Reserve members stationed around the globe. Whether online or in person, B2B trains veteran entrepreneurs on the basics of business ownership. For veterans who may not have access to take courses on base, B2B Reboot brings the program directly into communities.

The SBA makes learning flexible and rewarding for small business owners. Consider taking advantage of one of our many small business summer school opportunities. Find out more at

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