3 Ways to Get Your Customers to Fall in Love with Your Business

Here are three ways to get customers to fall in love with your business.

Be social

On social media, you’ll find plenty of evidence of how much consumers love to brag about a new business they’ve fallen in love with. Post after post shows people boasting about a new service or product discovery and their hype gets other consumers interested. In fact, studies prove how much social media influences purchasing decisions for most consumers. The key is figuring out the best ways to use social media to promote your business. Number one is be on the platforms your customers are on. If you want customers to be social about your business, you need to be social yourself. List your social media in all your marketing materials, boost engagement by asking questions, posting coupons or a funny video. Use social media analytics to see what type of posts are getting shared and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. And don’t forget about ratings and review sites, where customers can leave reviews of your business. Ask customers to review your business and check back often to see what people are saying—and respond (politely) to both positive and negative comments.

Be part of the community

How you contribute to your community matters to your customers—just ask them. In a 2019 survey on best-loved brands from Morning Consult, a global research company, consumers ranked brands by several factors, one being how the brand has positively impacted their community. Be advised, the word community means different things to different people and also varies depending on your industry. The owner of a pet store certainly considers their local town as their community, but it could also mean pet lovers all over the world.

Brainstorm ideas with employees or other business owners on how to be active in the community. Think small (sponsor a local charity event) or big (get on the board of a national organization)—the more ways you give back the more your customers will show you their love.

Be a good listener

How many times have you wished your significant other really listened and understood what you are trying to tell them? Unlike in a personal relationship, where one person will work to be heard, customers who don’t believe you are listening will just move on to your competitor. Listening means taking a step back from the hard sell and really hearing what the customer wants from your business. Most likely customers are looking for solutions to their problems, whether that’s what gift to buy an important client, how to fix a broken appliance or even how to find a new hobby. Customers fall in love with a business they can trust to be there for them when needed; a business that offers the products or services to make their problems go away. Forge a solid relationship built on trust and dependability and you’re on your way to true love with your customers.

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