How to Use Your Store Window Display to Attract Holiday Shoppers

As an independent retailer, you’ve got to use every weapon in your arsenal to get shoppers into your store this holiday season. But you may be underutilizing one marketing tool that’s right in front of your eyes: your window displays. Try some of these 9 tips to attract more customers with holiday window displays.

  1. Get inspired. Look at other stores’ display windows to get your creativity flowing, or search Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. Pay particular attention to nearby retailers, since you don’t want your window display to blend in with theirs.
  2. Keep it cohesive. Your holiday window display should tie into your overall store decor as well as your business brand. A country-style Christmas tree won’t attract shoppers to a sleek, modern clothing store, for example. Using your brand colors can make your store window stand out while still staying in the holiday spirit. For example, if your logo is hot pink, how about a tree covered in hot pink ornaments?
  3. Create a focal point. You may be tempted to fill your window display with everything under the kitchen sink—after all, you’ve got so many great products in stock. But if your display is too crowded, it won’t catch customers’ eyes. Plan a layout with one big focal point to draw viewers in. Proper lighting can direct viewers’ eyes where you want them to go, so take advantage of spotlights to highlight key areas of your display. Leave a couple of lights on at night, when your store is closed—you never know when someone passing by might be intrigued enough to return during business hours.
  4. Consider your customers’ perspective. Make sure the focal point of your display is at eye level of customers walking by. Does your store need to attract attention from people driving by? You’ll need to think bigger to get them to notice you. If you’re located in a mall or on a pedestrian shopping street, your display won’t have to be quite so spectacular.
  5. Don't block the view. Big department stores can create window displays with backdrops that block the view into the store, but as a small business, you can’t afford to do that. Set off your window display by framing it with drapery, lights or holiday ornaments—people will still get a peek at all the goodies in your store. If you need to create a backdrop to get the display effect you want, make it short enough so the average passerby can see over the top.
  6. Display your hottest sellers. Pick products that are already selling well and spotlight them in your store window to attract even more shoppers. (Just be sure you have enough stock on hand so you don’t have to pull apart your display if someone wants to make a purchase.)
  7. Spur spending by grouping related items. Displaying products that are commonly bought together can help upsell shoppers. For example, if your clothing boutique’s window features mannequins in party dresses, finish the look with handbags, shoes, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that inspire customers to buy the entire ensemble.
  8. Be resourceful. A stunning store window doesn't have to cost a lot. Cutout snowflakes, colorful paper chains, or natural items like twigs and tree branches are inexpensive items you can incorporate into your window display at very little cost.
  9. Mix it up. You don’t have to revamp your entire holiday display every week, but it does help to refresh it by swapping in some new elements. For example, if your display centers on a Christmas tree, change the ornaments every week or so. If your focus is on a holiday table, change the place settings, table linens and centerpiece.

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