Resilient and strong, small businesses take center stage this week

In celebration of our American ideal that anyone, from anywhere in our great nation, can grow an idea and start a business, we kick off National Small Business Week. This year, as we all continue to navigate the economic impact and recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump Administration remains intensely focused on helping every American entrepreneur remain viable, recover, and once again, thrive at historic levels.

As part of our extraordinary, whole-of government economic response to the coronavirus, this Administration has placed the small business sector front and center. We have delivered nearly three-quarters of a trillion dollars in timely, economic relief to millions of distressed small business enterprises and their employees.

I am confident our nation’s more than 30 million small businesses, which employ nearly half the private-sector workforce and create two-thirds of all net new jobs, will once again propel our economy to the prosperity America has enjoyed the previous three years.

Benefitting from tax cuts and pro-growth policies, our nation’s small businesses have been a critical component to revitalizing economically distressed areas. This Administration worked with Congress to designate thousands of Opportunity Zones in underserved communities, and as a result, we’re creating unprecedented new economic opportunities. We’ve made extraordinary strides to cultivate entrepreneurship among underrepresented groups, including women, minorities, and veterans. Latinos are now the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs.

We recognize the resilience and ingenuity of all the small business owners who adapted their business model during the pandemic to serve their communities and keep hardworking Americans on payroll.

It is with great pride we recognize and honor our National Small Business Week winners this week. From a brewery owner in Colorado, a water treatment exporter in Florida, and a facilities management firm in West Virginia, our state and specialty winners represent a diverse spectrum of incredible small business owners who are working for a better tomorrow for their families and communities.

It is critical we continue to support small businesses both locally, and nationally, which is why this week – and these awards – are so important.

This Administration will continue investing in small business owners and advancing solutions that make it easier for them to exceed their goals. Entrepreneurs have no stronger ally than the White House, and no better advocate for their success than the U.S. Small Business Administration.

During this National Small Business Week, we celebrate the success of our entrepreneurs who have chartered their own course to provide good jobs and a bright future for millions of American workers. This Administration won’t rest until our nation’s small businesses fully recover, prosper, and resume their role as the vital job-creating sector of our economy. 

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