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How To Apply

After learning about the 8(a) Business Development program, firms can begin their 8(a) applications. To get started:
  • Make sure you have your DUNS number, your TIN number, and your self-created MPIN number from SAM.gov.
  • Collect and save all necessary documents in PDF format prior to starting the online application. The 8(a) application checklist and other helpful materials are available here.
  • Start your 8(a) application at Certify.SBA.gov.


  • Firms, who have submitted their 8(a) application in BDMIS and are awaiting a decision, will still be able to access their BDMIS accounts using existing log-in information.
  • Firms, who have 8(a) applications that were returned to them or who have withdrawn their 8(a) applications and wish to re-apply for the 8(a) BD program, will need to complete and submit their applications through https://certify.sba.gov. Please note that if firms have uploaded documents in the certify.SBA.gov system during their previous 8(a) application submission, then those documents will be available when they re-apply.  However, they may have to provide updated information such as licenses, financial statements, etc. If firms are unable to start a new 8(a) application through https://certify.SBA.gov, please contact the Certify Helpdesk at Help@certify.SBA.gov with a DUNS number and specific issue.

  • Current 8(a) participants can continue to access GLS and BDMIS via existing log-in information for annual updates submission until notified.

  • If you have any issues with submitting your 8(a) application, you can contact the Certify Helpdesk at help@certify.sba.gov and provide your DUNS number and specific issue.
The 8(a) application in certify.SBA.gov transforms most of the 8(a) PDF forms into online questionnaires. However, the following forms may still need to be completed, signed, scanned and uploaded into the certify.SBA.gov system.

8(a) Application Alaska Native (1010-ANC)

8(a) Application American Indian-Tribally Owned (1010-AIT)

8(a) Application Community Development Corporation (1010-CDC)

8(a) Application Native Hawaiian Organization (1010-NHO)

Representatives Used and Compensation Paid (for initial application)

Fingerprint Form (not required for all applicants)

8(a) Annual Update Form (for annual review)

Personal Financial Statement (for annual review)

8(a) Business Plan (for annual review)

Representatives Used and Compensation Paid (for annual review)