SBA's Directory of Federal Government Prime Contractors with a Subcontracting Plan

Listing of Federal Government Prime contractors with a Subcontracting Plan requirement.

The directory is a listing of every Federal government contract that has a requirement to subcontract to small businesses. This directory is intended for small business concerns seeking subcontracting opportunities with Federal Government Prime contractors.

What data is provided on the report:
The directory includes the name of the prime contractor; the major product/service code (PSC) provided to the government; the contracted NAICS; name and telephone number of the company’s point of contact; contract number with the effective date and completion date; ultimate contract value and obligated dollars.

How often is the directory posted:
A new directory is posted by November 30 of every year.

The directory is listed by year for the SBA Area using the contract place of performance if there isn’t a place of performance listed within the document the firm’s physical location state determines where the contract will be listed and performed. The data is further separated into individual states within the SBA Area. SBA will add a new directory every year and after 5 years the directory will be removed.

How do you recommend using this report:
SBA recommends that you use this data to locate the prime’s website and access their requirement to be a subcontractor. We do not recommend that you call to ask the firm about any subcontracting opportunities because they will most likely refer you back to their website. Contacting the firm without viewing their website and following the directions outlined to do business with the firm is not an effective marketing strategy. The person you are contacting is not the person who makes the subcontract award decisions and with your limited resources you want to make sure you reach the person that has the buying power. If the website is not listed in the report, Google it, or contact the firms for the website address. Once you have reviewed the firm’s website and discovered that there is no information or guidance on how to become a subcontractor with the firm it is then I recommend calling the firm to inquire about the processes.

SBA is not the owner of this data and has no rights to make any changes to the data. The data within the report is generated from data contained in the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation (FPDS-NG).


2016 Subcontracting Possibilities Per SBA Area