Wyoming District Office Awards

To be nominated and receive one of the following local awards, the small business nominee must fit within the category of the award, demonstrate success in business and complete and submit the required nomination package information. Incomplete packages will not be accepted.

After you read through the categories below, you can read the general guidelines and submit your nomination.

Small Business Spirit of Wyoming Award

This award will be presented to small businesses that demonstrate potential for success in the areas of growth in number of employees, increase in sales, steady growth of company and innovation and imagination in product/services. The nominee should also demonstrate the “Spirit of Wyoming” with contributions to their local community and a demonstrated spirit of volunteerism and community involvement.

Required forms for local awards include:

SBA will make the above referenced awards to eligible small businesses at the Wyoming District level only. Awards for Small Business Person of the Year and Exporter of the Year will be forwarded for National competition.