SBA form 1246

Application for Certification as a Certified Development Company

This form must be completed by any entity applying to become certified as a CDC by the SBA.

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The Application for Certification as a Certified Development Company, SBA Form 1246, outlines the requirements for an application. CDCs must also comply with all of the requirements prescribed in 13 C.F.R. §§ 120.810 – 120.830. The applicant must demonstrate that it satisfies the CDC certification and operational requirements in 13 CFR § 120.816 through 120.830. The applicant also must include an operating budget, approved by the applicant’s Board of Directors, which demonstrates the required financial ability (as described in 13 CFR § 120.825), and a plan to meet CDC operational requirements. Refer to SBA Standard Operating Procedure 50 10 5 for a full explanation of documents which must accompany the application

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Last updated April 5, 2023