Instructions for Commitment Requests

Provides the information necessary for an SBIC or licensee to request a Leverage Commitment

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These instructions provide the information necessary for a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC or licensee) to request a Leverage Commitment against the Total Intended Leverage Commitment amount agreed to by SBA at the time of License approval and finalized within 12 months of licensure. The cumulative aggregate amount requested may not exceed the Licensee’s established Total Intended Leverage Commitment.

Any SBIC licensed after August 17, 2023, requesting the reservation of financial assistance ("Leverage Commitment") by obtaining SBA's conditional commitment to guarantee Debentures must submit this request form and documents described in these instructions.

The request form and documents must be properly completed and executed and should be submitted via e-mail to and copying the SBIC’s assigned Investment Portfolio Management Analyst and All signatures in the request must be either original wet signatures or comply with SBA’s electronic signature policies by persons authorized by the SBIC. The e-mailed submission must be a PDF of the signed request form and documents, and the SBIC must maintain the original versions in its files.

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Effective: August 30, 2023
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