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Export Express Loan Program

Export Express Loan Program

SBA Export Express offers financing up to $500,000. It is the simplest export loan product offered by the SBA and allows participating lenders to use their own forms and procedures. The SBA determines eligibility and provides a loan approval in 36 hours or less.


Any business that has been in operation, although not necessarily in exporting, for at least 12 full months and can demonstrate that the loan proceeds will support its export activity is eligible for Export Express. The 12-month in business requirement can be waived if the borrower’s key personnel can demonstrate export expertise and successful previous business experience and the lender uses conventional commercial loan underwriting procedures and does not rely solely on credit scoring. 

Use of Proceeds

Loan proceeds may be used for business purposes that will enhance a company’s export development. Export Express can take the form of a term loan or a revolving line of credit. For example, you can use funds to participate in a foreign trade show, support standby letters of credit and translate product literature for use in foreign markets. You may also use funds to finance specific export orders, expand production facilities, and purchase equipment inventory or real estate.

Application Process

Contact your existing lender to determine if they are an SBA Export Express lender. You apply directly to the lender with their application material and SBA’s Borrower Information Form. Lenders approve the request and then submit eligibility information to SBA. 

Contact your local U.S. Export Assistance Center to learn more about the Export Express Program and whether your business qualifies.