Financing Energy Efficiency Projects

Access to capital for an energy-efficiency upgrade need not be an issue. Some upgrades require little funding. For those that do require investment, don't worry; there are many traditional and non-traditional financial resources available. A well-designed upgrade can provide your business a positive cash flow from energy savings while paying off the capital investment for new equipment.

For small, inexpensive projects, you may want to use your own internal funds to pay for the upgrade in order to keep your payback period low and return on investment high.

For larger jobs, financing might be the only way to pay for the upgrade. Fortunately, a variety of sources and mechanisms exist for small businesses to finance energy-efficiency improvement projects.

It's your business decision to weigh your competing needs for capital versus continuing increases in operating costs for energy. Remember, even a longer return-on-investment on energy efficiency results in affordable comfort, and new, more reliable equipment that will pay for itself with energy savings. Strategic energy efficiency investments are your hedge against the certainty of higher utility bills that you cannot control.

The following resources can help you find funding information and opportunities for your upgrade:

Grants, Loans, Technical Assistance and Financing Opportunities

For Energy Saving Projects

Browse this listing of financing opportunities to find programs that your business is eligible for.

Learn about the wide-range financing options available to businesses. Financing is available from small improvements to complete system upgrades. Additional guidance is also available here.

Use this online tool to find special offers and rebates on office equipment, electronics, appliances, and lighting products in your local area.

The Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) is the lead government program working to increase the energy efficiency of U.S. industry. Along with their partners, ITP helps research, develop, and deploy innovative technologies that companies can use to improve their energy productivity, reduce carbon emissions, and gain a competitive edge.

Provides eligible small- and medium-sized manufacturers with no-cost energy assessments. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Industrial Technologies Program.

Provides customized technical assistance programs to manufacturers in the areas of process improvement, supply chain management, and business operations. Programs include assistance with implementing energy saving measures in the manufacturing process. Sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Small Business Assistance Programs