Daniel Krupnick

Counselor to the Administrator

Mr. Krupnick has been selected to return to the U.S. Small Business Administration as the Counselor to the Administrator where he will work to promote the priority initiatives of the Administrator and the Biden-Harris Administration. 

Prior to returning to the SBA, Mr. Krupnick worked with the Connecticut State Treasurer, Shawn T. Wooden, as Chief of Staff and Assistant Treasurer for Policy. While with the State Treasurer's office, he worked on the Responsible Gun Policy, a whole of government response to the gun violence epidemic, as well as the Treasurer’s Corporate Call to Action, a project aimed at engaging more financial services companies to respond to the racial equity divide. 

Before his work with the Treasurer, Mr. Krupnick served as the Political Director at Giffords; Courage to fight gun violence and as the Assistant Administrator for Congressional and Legislative Affairs at the SBA.