PPP Supports Pella Family-Owned Small Business

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Lana Pol and her family-owned network of small businesses are fixtures in Pella, Iowa’s small business community.  Her late father Wayne Geetings founded Geetings, Inc., a transportation company, in 1972, with his wife and four children by his side. From humble beginnings the entrepreneurial family now operates Geetings, Inc., G.I. Warehouse Corp., Mowbility Sales & Service, Odyssey Spas and Creative Inspirations, small businesses specializing in transportation, warehousing, retail lawn equipment, spas and promotional products. Thanks to an SBA-backed Paycheck Protection Program loan through Marion County State Bank the companies’ 59 employees remain on the job supporting the local and national manufacturing industries.

By continuing to operate during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the company continues to support other local businesses. “We are able to impact the state’s unemployment fund and support our employees and their families through wages and benefits, which in turn allows them to spend money locally,” said Lana Pol, owner and President.

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