Alabama Goods Crafting Success One Local Treasure at a Time

Sherry and Beth

Customers from all over the world seeking a small piece of Alabama need not look further than Alabama Goods, a locally owned retail store chain that specializes in products made only in Alabama. Owners Sherry Hartley and Beth Staula take pride in curating locally made treasures from food makers, artists, and craftsmen, which can be purchased individually or as part of gift baskets. From delicious southern treats, sauces, and spices to locally made apparel, ceramics, leather goods, and art, this small business offers a wide variety of products, showcasing and supporting Alabama's creative business industries since 2007.

Alabama Goods was established in Homewood, Alabama and after ten plus years of a flourishing business and realizing the insatiable demand for locally made goods, expanding to a new location seemed like the logical choice. They had contracts for the construction of a new store front in Huntsville when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, causing a lot of uncertainty for their growth. Like other retail companies, Alabama Goods experienced reduced store sales during the pandemic. To combat the loss in store revenue, they increased their online offerings. They requested that their vendors make products that were in high demand at that time. For example, a textile vendor started making face masks, and a candle vendor began making hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray. Alabama Goods even created gift boxes with pandemic-related themes, which proved to be very popular. Additionally, the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan helped make up for the loss in revenue and helped to keep salaries paid during the pandemic. As a result of their smart pivoting and SBA support, they were able to successfully launch their second store in Huntsville with confidence.

Co-owner Sherry Hartley noted that “Another way that the SBA has helped Alabama Goods is by co-sponsoring and promoting Small Business Saturday.  The SBA has done an impressive job of communicating the importance of supporting small businesses and people have taken this concept to heart. Alabama Goods sees a spike in revenue on Small Business Saturday each year and the impact lasts beyond the season.” 

Over the years, Alabama Goods has experienced substantial growth. They have doubled the size of their retail space in Homewood, successfully opened a new store in Huntsville despite the challenges of the pandemic, and most recently opened a third store in Hoover in December 2023. Lastly, they have had significantly increased website sales, with their corporate gift division growing each year. This growth has resulted in doubling the space at their operation center, and they are planning to expand the operation center yet again in the coming summer. 

If one thing can be said, even in the world of large retailers, it is clear, that a demand for unique and locally crafted treasures remains high. Small businesses like Alabama Goods are setting standards for local excellence by creating valuable jobs and expanding opportunities for other fellow small businesses.

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