Baking People Happy

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As a young entrepreneur with a passion and a dream, Joshua Wortham took an obstacle and turned it into an opportunity. Peaceful Pastries & Sweets was birthed in 2015 by Joshua at the tender age of 10 years old. Like all entrepreneurs he had a desire and a need that he believed he could fulfill through the creation of a business. After receiving the devastating news that he would not be able to attend summer camp for financial reasons, it was suggested by his parents that he start a business to raise money to cover his expenses.   

Joshua decided to take something he loved and had a knack for, to create a money-making opportunity. He sought the help and guidance of SBA resource partner, The Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship and they helped him navigate through the realms of entrepreneurship and business formation. Through the assistance of The Catalyst, Peaceful Pastries & Sweets has grown from a summer money-making opportunity to a full-time for-profit business.

As a small business owner, Joshua has grown to understand the importance of making connections, serving others, and “baking” people happy. In 2019 he was chosen as the Youth Entrepreneur of Year by The Catalyst. This acknowledgement and recognition of his entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged his entrepreneurial journey and has him even more focused on working toward his dream.   SBA has played a vital role in the success of Peaceful Pastries; thanks to The Catalyst’s programs they have provided support and encouragement along the way.

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