The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Lehigh Valley climbs the ladder of success with SBA’s 504 Loan

Jimmy Olang from The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

Jimmy Olang grew up in Kenya with his grandparents. At twelve, he met Ken Parsons, owner of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters who was on a missionary trip in Nairobi. Ken told Jimmy that if he ever decided to come to the U.S., there would be a job for him. After waiting a decade for a visa, Jimmy arrived in the U.S. Starting as a gutter installer, he put himself through college and worked his way up to head installer then became one of the company's first franchisees in 2015 with his own client-oriented contractor service business performing gutter cleaning, repair, and gutter guard installation. Located in Allentown, The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Lehigh Valley has 24 employees.

The business, which was severely impacted by COVID in 2020, was forced to close for seven weeks as per Pennsylvania mandates. Olang credits the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan for retaining his skilled staff while his business was closed. Since reopening, he says revenues have increased and 2022 was his best year.

Olang utilized SBA’s 504 Loan Program in 2021 to purchase his 7,000 sq ft property. The 100% owner occupied office and warehouse space also has additional outdoor areas for much-needed parking for their fleet of service trucks. The SBA 504 loan allowed The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Lehigh Valley to lock in the SBA portion of the financing with a low, 25-year fixed rate and to take advantage of Economic Aid Act fee waivers and Section 1112 covered payments.

“The American Dream is alive and well. With hard work and belief in yourself you can accomplish anything,” said Jimmy Olang, Owner, The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Lehigh Valley. “I am grateful for the SBA pandemic loan programs that kept my employees on payroll and to Seedcopa’s financing that provided me the opportunity to expand my business.”

“America is world-renowned for its entrepreneurial business spirit,” said Steve Dixel, SBA Eastern Pennsylvania Director. “Jimmy had the courage to leave his home country and the drive and determination to start a new life and an entrepreneurship journey in the United States. The SBA and our Certified Development Company, Seedcopa, are proud to play a role in the success of Jimmy and The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Lehigh Valley.”

“Jimmy embodies the American dream. He was born in a remote village in Kenya and raised in extreme poverty," said Marie Shires, Vice President, Seedcopa. “He always said that if he made it to the U.S., he would work hard. With his dedication and perseverance, his franchise grew from a single employee and truck to a staff of 24, a fleet of eight trucks and over $3.9 million in annual revenue in just seven years. Jimmy’s inspirational story recognizes the rewards of perseverance and determination.”

Seedcopa participates in SBA’s 504 Lending Program as a Certified Development Company (CDC). CDCs are SBA-regulated non-profit organizations focused on promoting community economic development, business growth, and job creation through SBA 504 loans to businesses. The loan proceeds are used by businesses for funding the purchase of real estate, buildings, or large equipment with long-term, fixed rate financing.

Historically, recruiting, especially in the trades and service industry has always been a challenge. Many were gravely impacted during the COVID pandemic. When addiction issues arose with his employees, Jimmy created a drug policy and a recovery action plan providing accountability and opportunity for those willing to commit.

Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as “the man who climbed the ladder by sticking with gutters,” Jimmy Olang knows all too well what it’s like to receive support from your community to achieve success. The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Lehigh Valley supports more than a dozen community events and charities. Jimmy is also active in his local church, where he serves on the Local Outreach Committee and supports local and international missionaries.

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