Fresh Baked Success: German Inspired Bakery Becomes Delaware Staple

Master German baker and retired army lieutenant find success with their bakery

After a long career as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, Jonthan Urquhart wanted to do something special for his wife, Monika, who put her dreams of owning a bakery on hold while as she traveled around the country with Jonathan. Following Jonathan’s retirement from the army, the stars aligned, and the couple opened The Bavarian Bakery and Deli.

The Bavarian Bakery and Deli, located in Dover, Delaware, opened first opened its doors in 2017. It is a first-generation German bakery, owned by Jonathan and Monika, a master chef who trained in her native Germany. Jonathan uses his military skills and leadership to run the business behind the scenes, while Monika serves customers and prepares the sandwiches with her brother, Andy, who heads the baking team. Monika and Andy both immigrated from a small town in Germany and wanted to recreate the authentic experience of going to a baker to get fresh bread and pastries that they experienced during their youth.

Jonathan and Monika have received many compliments for the quality of their goods and the bakery quickly became a well-known establishment in the community. However, things changed quickly for them during the Covid-19 pandemic. The bakery closed for two weeks before Easter in 2020 and Jonathan and Monika needed to figure out how to pivot their business during the lockdown. Since the bakery historically served walk-ins, Jonathan knew they needed to figure out a new business model to continue to remain open. The bakery quickly developed a system for online orders, curbside pickup, and delivery to ensure they continue baking and serving customers who may have needed their favorite breads and pastries for a bite of joy during those challenging times.

In order to help keep the bakery open, Jonathan and Monika utilized SBA resources to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. They spoke with local SBA officials and decided that the bakery needed support and funding to make it through the difficulties the bakery faced over the next year. With district office support, Jonathan applied for SBA loans, namely the Paycheck Protection Program and EIDL loans, to help navigate the business remain stable and viable during the pandemic.

These loan programs have enabled the Bavarian Bakery and Deli to continue to achieve success and positively impact the Dover community. Most importantly, it allows Monika and Andy to continue to work together and continue the German tradition of providing customers the best breads and baked goods possible.

Jonathan and Monika were named SBA’s State Small Business Persons of the Year for Delaware in 2023.

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