Greenville Business Uses SBA STEP Program to Export Bicycle Wheels

Image of Boyd and Nicole Johnson

Boyd and Nicole Johnson, a husband a wife duo in Greenville, SC, are former professional cyclists who decided to start their own business in developing innovative cycling products. Together they started Boyd Cycling, a company that specializes in high performance bicycle wheels. Nicole and Boyd realized there was an international demand for their product, but as a small business it was hard to tap into international marketing with a limited budget.

Boyd Cycling reached out to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, which received the SBA State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant to assist small businesses succeed in the international marketplace. The South Carolina Department of Commerce was able to provide funding to Boyd Cycling to expand their marketing to European countries by participating in trade shows. "We gained many of our European clients through those trade shows," said Boyd.

Susan has over 1,400 clients and her model has been adopted by other entrepreneurs looking to build something similar in their own states. Boyd Cycling has been very successful in exporting their wheels. The business currently exports to various countries in Europe, South America, Asia, and more. Exporting to other countries has opened up other markets for Boyd to be able to expand their business. "We are a husband and wife team and it would be very difficult to accomplish what we do without the help of SBA and the South Carolina Department of Commerce," said Boyd. "We are very appreciative of their support and for making the world a smaller place."

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