Health Center Prospers After the Pandemic with the help of SBA

Photo of Tess

Tess Cahigas was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States in 1991.  After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology, she began working as a contract Medical Laboratory Technician at the Department of Pathology at Fort Sam Houston Army Base. She was also a caregiver for Linda Hall, who had Parkinson’s disease. While caring for Mrs. Hall, Tess realized that being a caregiver was her true passion.

In 1994 Seniors 2000 was established, and Tess was hired as the Facility Director. Seniors 2000 is an adult daycare founded by Mr. Hall with a mission to serve and make a difference in the community and to care for his wife Linda Hall, U.S. Veterans, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Seniors 2000 strives to be the best alternative to institutional services and nurture a culture of innovation with greater independence and values. In 2014, CEO James Hall passed away after a long battle with cancer. Following his death, Tess became the President of Seniors 2000.

In 2016 Tess was accepted into the SBA’s Emerging Leaders program. This was a significant time for her as she recently gained ownership of Seniors 2000. “My experience in Emerging Leaders has helped me understand the concept of being strategic in growing the business and helped me understand my priorities,” said Tess Cahigas, President of Seniors 2000.

With the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, Seniors 2000 needed to maintain resilience, patience, and flexibility. The lives of families, workers, and even clients were greatly affected, so it became a priority and a challenge to ensure their safety and comfort. With the help of the SBA resources and PPP funding, Seniors 2000 was able to pivot, save jobs and continue operating during the pandemic. Seniors 2000 is no longer surviving hardship; they are prospering.

“The story of Seniors 2000 is unequivocally one of a kind. Such a unique story provides proof that anyone can start their own business. There are so many free services offered by the city, community, government, even the SBA. Services like education, mentors, networking, and more can easily give someone the means to start a business and live out their true passions. Businesses are constantly evolving and learning, even Seniors 2000, as we learn from our mistakes, seek advice, and improve. With enough passion, hard work, and goal setting, any challenges you can overcome challenges, and you and your company will become better as a result. So, create a strong foundation, all the resources are available. Have strong faith in yourself and your future. For every sacrifice has a reward, never lose faith.” – Tess Cahigas, President of Seniors 2000.


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