A Long Journey to Success

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Introducing Rolando "Greg" Gomez, an exceptional individual who defied all odds to forge an extraordinary path. Rising above a challenging upbringing in Florida, Greg confronted adversity as a high school dropout. Yet, fueled by unwavering determination and bolstered by his mother's unwavering support, he chose a different destiny and enlisted in the United States Navy in 1986.

His decision to join the Navy provided Greg with the structure and tools necessary to break free from the cycle that ensnares many troubled adolescents. With newfound possibilities and opportunities on the horizon, he embraced hard work and unwavering focus. Greg's journey commenced in data processing school, where he distinguished himself as the top-ranking student. Serving aboard the USS Mt. Whitney, he displayed unyielding fortitude and quickly ascended to the rank of E-5. His thirst for growth and development led him to venture into naval intelligence, while simultaneously obtaining his GED, associate degree, and bachelor's degree in management information systems. Greg's story proves that no obstacle is insurmountable when you strive relentlessly for success. This dedication and drive ultimately earned him the esteemed rank of Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CWO4).  Greg proudly and honorably retired after 27 illustrious years of service in the U.S. Navy.


In 2014, a new chapter in Greg's life began as he founded D9Tech Resources LLC. Collaborating with the Old Dominion University Veterans Business Outreach Center (ODUVBOC), Greg found invaluable support in his pursuit of entrepreneurship. Guided by mentor Don Miller from ODUVBOC, Greg acquired essential expertise in government contracting, leading to the establishment of D9Tech Resources as a highly competitive Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business.

His success is undoubtedly shaped by the exceptional talent and dedication of his partners and employees. Having two partners who were at the top of their fields brought valuable experience to the team. Their deep knowledge and experience brought innovative solutions and strategic decision-making, giving D9Tech a competitive advantage in the market. Their leadership and skills complemented each other, forming a dynamic team that propelled the company to new heights.


In addition, Don Miller, counselor for ODUVBOC mentored Gomez and played an integral role in helping write the paperwork needed to perform government contracting for D9 Tech Resources, LLC. In addition, Miller linked Gomez to PTAC classes along with bidding and proposals. This assistance helped D9Tech Resources to be a highly competitive Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business and a member of the SBA’s 8(a) program. D9Tech Resources supports the entire engineering and software development lifecycle. Our priority was to ensure the top performance and security of your information systems using cutting-edge technology systems and processes.


The company earned distinction as a member of the prestigious SBA's 8(a) program and now stands at the forefront of engineering and software development, employing cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal performance and security for clients' information systems.

Beyond its remarkable success, D9Tech Resources holds a profound commitment to giving back. Employing 18 dedicated full-time professionals, the company extends its impact beyond business by imparting knowledge through teaching and mentoring young individuals. Greg and his team also generously support charitable causes, including golf tournaments, Shriner's Children's Hospital, and corporate sponsorships, thereby leaving a lasting positive impact on others' lives.

Ultimately, the combination of Greg's talented partners and dedicated employees is a powerful recipe for success. With a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and hard work, the company continues to thrive and achieve outstanding results in their respective fields. As they continue to grow and succeed, their collective impact on the industry becomes even more significant. 

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