NH Minority Owned Business of the Year Cayena Capital Management

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With a focus on social impact and an extensive background in financial services and economics, Elizabeth Salas is changing lives with her mission-based businesses.  With nearly two decades of experience and training at well-known investment firms, Liz started her own entrepreneurial journey in 2019 as founder of Cayena Capital Management, an independent registered investment firm, and this year’s SBA Minority Small Business of the Year.  Given the rise in demand for education and guidance, she incorporated a second business, Cayena Econ Lab. Cayena Eco Lab offers financial literacy and consulting to and for non-profit businesses globally.  

Liz has training and experience in a wide range of positions across financial services including trader, broker, trusted advisor, economist, and portfolio manager at major investment firms. She is driven to use her training in removing barriers and providing access to fiduciary investment advice for individuals regardless of their financial situation. She focuses her energy on offering her services to those without access to traditional financial services. She has redefined the image of the family office providing an inviting space where clients and families of all wealth tiers are welcome.  Along with her individualized services, Liz facilitates workshops on the basics of investing, estate planning, asset protection, generational wealth transfer, and wealth creation bringing general awareness and education to those new to investing and financial planning.  In addition, Liz is an advocate, working tirelessly to inform community leaders on the inequity issues that women and minorities experience economically to initiate policy change.

 Since the beginning, Liz has worked with the Center for Women and Enterprise (CWE) in Manchester where she attended several training sessions and consultation meetings while in the process of forming and operating her businesses. Liz was so appreciative of her experience working with CWE that she decided to offer her consulting and instructing services to the CWE community as she strives to "pay it forward’ helping many clients navigate the various relief programs through the recent Covid19 pandemic. Having launched her own business just nine months before the pandemic hit, Liz had her own obstacles to overcome and has continued to evolve and expand her business through online platforms, physical events, and community engagement.

Liz is a native and resident of New Hampshire. She received her B.S. degree in Business Finance and M.S. in Applied Economics from Southern New Hampshire University and serves as executive trustee to several local non-profits, corporator for NH Mutual Bancorp, and a member of the Weare Finance Committee.  Liz was also recognized by NH Business Review in 2020 for their Outstanding Woman in Business award. For more information on Cayena Capital Management  Cayena Capital Management LLC.

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