Nick Wallace Culinary

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Nick Wallace, owner of Nick Wallace Culinary passion is cooking and helping his community. The Jackson, Mississippi Chef was able to stabilize and expand his business during the COVID-19 pandemic. “From the start of the pandemic, many life objectives became blurry and then it got even more blurred,” said Nick.  Nick wasn't sure what would happen to his business that he built from a grassroots effort.

Nick started heavily promoting his catering business, and it got busy. He decided to change his focus but stay on the path of cooking. Nick heard about the SBA COVID-19 relief options that offered help to small businesses affected by COVID-19. Nick applied for EIDL, and said, “Just applying gave me so much hope that this world as we know it isn't over. Most importantly, I get to look my team in the eye and give them hope.”

Nick received a reply back from SBA and was granted the EIDL loan. “I then started putting a different concept for my business in place and that's when from my hands to your kitchen was created. My team and I were bringing the restaurant to your doorsteps. It was such a respected concept while being equipped to supply my team with the correct protection guidelines for the staff and the guests and it worked so well; we all stayed safe and never contracted COVID-19.” Nick was able to purchase a catering van to deliver to his clients.

Business rebounded for Nick due to the help of SBA COVID-19 programs. Nick also received funding under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Nick Wallace Culinary has actually managed to expand during the pandemic. Chef Nick Wallace has opened The Nissan Café by Nick Wallace Culinary at the two Mississippi museums in Downtown Jackson.

“Coming out of a very challenging year, it was time to apply pressure to my team's future. We got an opportunity a little over three years ago to cater the opening event for the new Museums located in Jackson, MS, and since that day, I've always wanted a restaurant inside. The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum has two museums inside ‘under one roof,’ History and Civil Rights!  I received the opportunity to open a restaurant concept that speaks to the museum’s history and embark on the true richness of the new generations' vision for their lovely state of Mississippi. I opened up Nissan Cafe by Nick Wallace, and all this happened because of the SBA assistance programs,” said Nick.

Nick works closely with local farmers. With the ability to produce healthier fresh foods, Wallace has moved his culinary talent and innovative ways into Jackson Public Schools through his non-profit organization, Creativity Kitchen. Through Creativity Kitchen, Nick works closely with the Jackson Public Schools' chefs to provide better tasting and healthier food for scholars. Just recently, Creativity Kitchen partnered with Whole Foods 5% Community Giving Program and put the money back into the community by donating a percentage to one of the local elementary schools. Nick visits the homeless and connects with them at Billy Brumfield House.

Nick continues to reach out to the community by partnering with organizations such as Dole, Novo Nordisk, American Cancer Society, Co-Chair of Share the Gulf, and Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi. Nick will continue to use his gifts, abilities, and talents to touch lives through innovation, palate-pleasing cuisine, and humbleness. “My soul has been enriched with giving back, that's how I was taught, and that's how I want it to be. "It makes me feel great, and I sleep better at night knowing that I tried in my world to make a difference in someone else's life,” said Nick. Nick's vision for culinary innovation, understanding of flavor, and technique have formed an exquisite innovative growing cuisine.


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