Image of Ashley Williams presenting

Ashley Williams graduated from the University of Southern California armed with a degree in journalism and a desire to put mark on the world.  After working in the industry for a number of years, she couldn’t ignore her desire to strike out on her own any longer.  In 2014, Williams started RIZZARR, a Millennial Marketplace with a mission to gather the largest collection of millennial content creators from around the world and empower them to positively transform their lives.  But she lacked the traction, background, and connections to make the company successful.  

Williams took an entrepreneurship course at the local community college and got connected with SCORE, SBA’s volunteer mentors.  She was paired with two mentors who helped her gain knowledge on building her tech company.  Williams attended SCORE webinars that offered useful information to help her on her entrepreneurial journey. SCORE mentors helped her develop the company’s mission statement, showed her how to test her idea and scale it, and gave advice when she started hiring employees.  A few years later, as a result of being connected to SCORE, Williams presented her own webinar, 20 Things No One Tells Millennials About Entrepreneurship, and  got her first paying client. 

Williams’ revenues have grown to over $50,000, with clients such as JP Morgan, the American Heart Association, and Centene’s U.S. Medical Management. She expects a significant sales increase in 2018.  The company has hosted a series with Microsoft, Apple, and WeWork, and was accepted into Detroit’s renowned TechTown incubator program.  Thanks to SCORE’s mentors and her own hard work, Williams’ dream of creating a lasting world impact is finally coming true.

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